Elite’s Philosophy to Physical Therapy Treatment

Physical therapists are experts in movement. Often times, pain develops because there is an incorrect movement pattern, or a movement dysfunction, that is causing repeated microtraumas to the injured structure. The pain is the problem, but the movement dysfunction is the cause of the cause of the problem – “the root cause.”

At Elite, our physical therapists focus on correcting those movement dysfunctions in order to help improve your patients’ quality of movement and quality of life. This is done through proper manual therapy techniques and/or proper prescribed exercises.

  • If a joint is not moving well or if a muscle is too short, and this is causing the movement dysfunction, we use manual therapy techniques to give the structure more mobility and prescribe the proper exercises to keep it moving.
  • If a joint is moving too much or if a muscle is too long, and this is causing the movement dysfunction, we will prescribe you proper exercises to stabilize the structure and to strengthen those muscles.


It is not only important to eliminate the pain, but to correct the movement dysfunction that caused the pain in the first place. If the movement dysfunction is corrected, then the likelihood of the pain returning drastically decreases. At Elite, our clinicians are ultimately focused on finding “the root cause” of a patient’s pain in order to correct their overall movement patterns. It’s what sets us apart!


With 2 convenient locations in Coatesville and West Chester, Elite is here for all of your physical and occupational therapy needs!

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